Patrizia Giambi, Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago

I’m looping in the air, performance as part of the  Par Avion show by Sue Spaid, LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), Los Angeles

360 Gradi, Viafarini, Milano

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Action Station, by Sue Spaid, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA    


Artscenecal.com/articlesFile/archive/Articles 1995/artiche 0995

Smart Show, Stockolm Art Fair, by Sue Spaid, Sweden

THE, Galleria Neon at via de Gombruti, Bologna

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Patrizia Giambi, Thomas Connors, Sculpture, September- October, 1995, Volume 14, N° 5, p. 40

Please Touch the Art, Paul Young, BUZZ, September,1995, Volume 6, N° 7, p.44

Action Station: Exploring Open System, Susan Kandel, Los Angeles Times, August 31, 1995, p. F10

Action Station, Isabel Anderson, ArtScene, September, 1995, p. 12-13

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360 Degrees, Patrizia Giambi, Sue Spaid, Published in Los Angeles, 1995

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Geodesic, Patrizia Giambi, filmed by C. Miniucchi 7/15/1995 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, VHS-NTSC 12’04’’

Demiurge Set, Patrizia Giambi, filmed by Paulina Kolczynska, Schlomit Shakked 8/11/1995, Santa Monica Museum of Art-CA, VHS-NTSC 15’

360 Gradi, Patrizia Giambi, filmed by Sabrina Balzarani, VHS-PAL 13’08’’, Viafarini, Milano January 8, 1995